Copyright © 2010 AL-MTHAL for telecom & technology Al-amthal for communication and IT is a Libyan company established by Libyan law to provide low current services, has since become one of the leading providers for state of the art technology in the fields of Security, Safety and Communications. Our company operates under an umbrella of highly qualified engineers who have had more than 10 years experience in the safety, security and communication IT and Data canter fields. Since its founding, Al-Amthal has executed several successful projects in different industry sectors as can be seen from our reference list. Our reputation remains unprecedented, as such, AL-Amthal has been selected to consult, supply and install the most complex sites. We take pride in our quality of service and professionalism that remains unmatched. As our clients demands are ever growing, we at AL-Amthal make sure that we partner with the top manufacturers in the world as seen by supplier reference. Al-Amthal specializes in installing, commissioning and maintaining a wide and diverse array of low current as well as alternative energy systems. Our ability to provide comprehensive turnkey solutions makes us one of the market leaders in this field.